Hemmi Model 1 Slide Rules


The picture below, supplied by my friend Wataru Tsuchihira, shows a model 1 variant.  Front surface carries the standard A [B, C] D scales but the rear has conversion scales read through a large cut-out.  Upper scale has Japanese Kanji character saying "Japanese Unit OR British Unit". ("Japanese unit" means traditional Japanese unit for length, area, weight, etc. British unit is pound and yard). On lower scale, it says "Metric Unit".

There are two tables on back explaining relation between symbols and pair of units for conversion.  (Please note table on left has serious error. Most left column with "1 to 8" is missing and column with "A to E" is mistakenly added on right.)  To convert between Pound/Yard unit and Metric use table on left and convert between Japanese unit and Metric use table on right.

The picture below shows a stadia variant of Model 1.  The scale in the center of the slide is a standard stadia scale.  This picture was provided by Yoshihiro Shimotsu.


Here's another Hemmi model 1 stadia variant from Wataru Tsuchihira.  The stadia scales in the center of the slide are the same as in the above picture but they have been mislabeled as "CI."   The cursor is a replacement but probably correct.  

And, finally, here's the bottom edge of still another a Model 1.  It is owned by D. Boone.