Frederick Post model 1441 [c1971] "Mini-Versal"
 4-inch Vest Pocket Slide Rule with Magnifying Lens
Hemmi model number 32.

The rule is an ordinary model 1441 in a special box marked "Mini-Versal."  It was used for a short time about 1971.  Stephen Kay, Solon OH, sent me pictures of a Teledyne-Post box marked "1441-3 Mini-Versal" (I've lost that picture.)   "Mini-Versal" is analogous to the "Universal" name for 10-inch model 1452W.  Stephen's rule had no date code but the new "Teledyne-Post" company name puts it about 1972 or later and the old "1441" model number puts it about 1971 or earlier.  The overlap is late 1971 to early 1972.

"Mini-Versal" appeared on boxes only--maybe in a catalog, too, but I don't have one.  No actual slide rule ever bore that name.