5-Inch Extra Thin Slide Rule with CI and Trig Scales
Frederick Post model 1444  [1936-40]
Hughes Owens model 1762
Hemmi model   34RT?

Appears in 1936 Catalog and Price Lists through 1940.

Top edge (slanted) : 0-5 inches
Bottom edge: Blank
Back of slide: [S, L, T]
Back of rule: @SUN@ HEMMI   MADE IN JAPAN
(Paper table missing?)
"Extra Thin" model 

This page is from the 1936 (18th Edition) Post Catalog 

Hemmi model uncertain.  Has same scales as 34R but 34R is thick; has same thickness as 34T but 34T doesn't have CI scale.  I don't know of a Hemmi model "34RT" but if there is such a model this would be it.