"Binary" Circular Slide Rule
Frederick Post model 1464 [1949-1971]
Teledyne-Post model 44EA-640 [1972+]
Not sold by Hughes-Owens

Manufactured by Gilson who sold them to almost every American slide rule manufacturer/distributor.  Rules never carried any indication of manufacturer or seller except "Made in US.A." so it's not clear that this should be identified as a"Frederick Post" slide rule.  But the cover on the instruction book was occasionally  printed with the distributor's name ("Frederick Post," "Dietzgen," Keuffel & Esser," etc).  Use your own judgement: Was Post trying to pass the Midget and Binary slide rules off as their own brand in the catalog pages below?
1949 Frederick Post General Catalog,  Pages 70-71

Binary Slide Rule
Actual size: 8-5/16 inches diameter