How I Converted a K&E #IL Cursor into a #IaL Cursor for a 20-inch Slide Rule

1. Find some paper that is a close match in color to the plastic parts of  #IL cursor.

2. Cut 12 paper shims to fit between the plastic and the metal frame.  The shims can stick out beyond the sides and ends of the cursor but NOT intrude beyond the plastic cursor bar on the INSIDE of the cursor.  The plastic part of the cursor should ride against the edges of the slide rule without any interference from the shims.  It’s OK for the shims to stick out beyond the outside edges of the cursor.

3. Punch two holes in each shim for the screws to pass through.  Crude holes are OK; it’s helpful if the shims grip the screws.

4. Assemble the cursor on the slide rule.  Standard K&E screws are long enough.  Three shims between each plastic bar and metal frame were enough for my cursor but you may need more or fewer depending upon the thickness of your paper shims.

5. Once you get everything adjusted and sliding smoothly, trim the shims by sanding away the excess with sandpaper.  If the plastic gets abraded you can polish it with #0000 steel wool.  If the paper color is a good match for the plastic the shims won’t be noticeable except upon very close inspection.

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