Information about Slide Rule Collecting

Managing a Slide Rule Collection.  Cataloging, storing, displaying and labeling your slide rules.

Popular Scale Sets.  "Mannheim," "Rietz," and trigonometric scales.

Where did that table on the back of my slide rule come from?

Cleaning and Repairing Slide Rules.   From simple cleaning to making replacement cursor windows from scratch.

How I converted a K&E #IL Cursor Into a #IaL Cursor to Fit a 20-inch Slide Rule.

Links to Other Slide-Rule-Related Web Sites

Places to Buy Slide Rules on the Web

The Slide Rule Trading Group.  List server for collectors selling or buying slide rules.
Dick Rose's Vintage Instruments.  Largest variety of slide rules for sale anywhere.  Dick is always happy to help people select an appropriate slide rule for use or for a gift, as well as helping people find the slide rule of their youth.
Jay Francis - The Slide Rule Guy.  Collector and friend in Texas.
Slide Rule Universe. The most comprehensive slide rule site on the Internet.  Operated by our friend Walter Shawlee in British Columbia.
Peter Holland's Slide Rules.   Collector and friend in Germany with a large list of slide rules for sale.

Sources of General Information About Slide Rules

The Oughtred Society.  The international society of slide rule collectors.  In addition to publishing a scholarly journal for slide rule collectors, the Oughtred Society holds annual meetings in the San Francisco Bay area and in Europe plus several regional meetings throughout North America each year.  Oughtred Society meetings usually include auctions of slide rules and related materials.
International Slide Rule Museum.  The world's largest digital repository of all things concerning slide rules.  More than 6500 downloadable images and pdf files.  Mike Konshak, curator.
Dutch Circle for Historical Calculating Instruments.  One of the most comprehensive sites anywhere.  Concentrates on European slide rules.
Museum of HP Calculators.  On-line museum dealing with all kinds of calculating devices.
The International Slide Rule Group.  Discussion group for slide rule collectors.
Ron Manley's Slide Rules.  Extensive site with much information including prices of slide rules sold on eBay.
Keuffel & Esser Site (by Clark McCoy).  More information about K&E slide rules than any rational person would want to know.
Hemmi Slide Rule Catalogue Raisonne.  The complete listing of every Hemmi slide rule ever made.
Frederick Post Cross ReferenceOriginal catalog listing, picture of actual specimen, additional information for Frederick Post slide rules.
Collectible Detective.  Antique dealers, appraisers, collectors etc.

Slide Rule Collectors

Many slide rule collectors display their slide rule collections online.  Many of these sites include useful information on the use, care and history of slide rules.  Here are a few of my friends' sites:
Tom Bullock
Dave's Slide Rules
Greg's Slide Rules
Giovanni Breda
Bill Johns
Tom Dilatush
Rod Lovett
Eric Marcotte
Atsushi Tomozawa
Nathan Zeldes
It's difficult to keep this list up to date.  If I accidentally omitted your site or if you find something out of date, please send me an email.

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