Parts for Hemmi and Post Slide Rules


Terminology Item
1-3/4-inch-wide duplex slide rule Includes, but not limited to, Hemmi: 154 (20-inch), 200 (16-inch), 255-269;    Post: 1460 Versalog, 1491 Chem-Rule; Teledyne 44CA-600 Versalog.  All 1-3/4" duplex rules use the "new style" cursor.
1-5/8-inch-wide duplex slide rule Includes, but not limited to, Hemmi 150, 152, 153, 159, 250, 251;    Post: 1450 Versatrig, 1459, 1462H Postrig.
1-3/16-inch duplex slide rule 1-3/16 inches wide.  Not used after about 1935.  Parts not usually available but can use K&E 4088-3 cursor.
Pocket duplex slide rule Hemmi 149 & 149A;    Post 1451 Pocket Versatrig, 1461 Pocket Versalog
Old style duplex cursor Frame is flat and cursor screws have washers.  Used on 1-5/8" duplex rules until about 1955.  Early (1930s) screw directly into plastic cursor bar; later (after WW II) has brass inserts in cursor bar. 
New style duplex cursor Chrome frame is recessed at ends.  Used on all 1-3/4" Hemmi/Post duplex rules and on 1-5/8" duplex rules after 1955.

Parts for Hemmi and Post Slide Rules

Here's a list of just about every possible repair part for Post and Hemmi bamboo slide rules from the 1950s and later.  (For parts for other bamboo slide rules see the Relay/Ricoh Parts Page.)  USED PARTS HAVE BEEN CLEANED AND RECONDITIONED.  The parts we can supply have a price listed.   Quantities are limited (sometimes only one).  If what you need is not available check back later; maybe we'll find one somewhere.  Email us if you need something not on this list or if you're not sure what you need.
Fits  Item Part No. Price
Four-inch Closed Body with 17mm-wide face.:  Hemmi 30, 32, 35;   Post 1440, 1441, 1447M.  (For R/R 403 and other R/R 17mm-wide rules see R/R Parts Page.) Flat Cursor Window Only.   Pic 1472G $6 New
Complete Cursor, Flat.   Pic 1472 $25 New
Complete Cursor, Magnifying.
Not available

Closed body rules with 15/16" (23.8mm)-wide face:  Hemmi 48, 34-series (before 1938). Complete Cursor (Flat). Pic 1473 $25 New
Closed Body Rules with 26mm-wide face: Hemmi 34-series (after 1938) including 34pi, 34RK etc, 54, 66-69, 74, 86, 87 92-95, 135, 136, 305, 2634; Post 1443, 1444, 1444K, 1453, 44DA-440.  Not for early "extra thin" rules. Complete Cursor (Flat).   Pic 1470A $25 Used
Cursor Window Only. 1470AG Not available
Cursor window only for "extra thin" rules from 1930s.  Newly made.Pic 1470AGT $10 Reproduction
Closed Body Rules with 28mm-wide face: Hemmi P33S, P45S, P37, 40, 40RK (to 1974), 45, P45, 47 etc, 50, 51, 2640; Post 1445, 1446, 1447, 1449, 1452 (narrow), 1455. Cursor Window Only.   See Spring Note below.   Pic 1471G $15

Complete Cursor (Flat).   Pic 1471 $25 Used
Clip-On Magnifier   Pic
Not available

Closed Body Rules with 34mm-wide face and single hairline: Hemmi 50W, 50-20 (to 1951), 80, 80/1, 300, 2662, 2664, 2664S, Post 1452 (wide), 1452W, 1456.  Cursor Window Only.   Single hairline. 1471WG Not available
Complete Cursor [Flat]     Pic
$35 Used

Closed Body Rules with 34mm-wide face and three hairlines:  Hemmi 64, 64T, 65, 80, 80/3, 81, 110, 301, 2690.  Post 1490. Cursor Window Only.  Three hairlines.   Pic 1471W3G Not available
Complete Cursor.  Three Hairlines.   Pic 1471W3 $45 Used
34mm-wide rules with calculating scale on bottom edge.  Hemmi 80K, 90, 90A, 91, 96, 130 (not 130W). Complete 3-line cursor with tab for bottom scales.  (1471W3 cursor fits these rules but has no tab for bottom scales.)  Pic 1471WT $70 Used
Five-inch Bamboo Pocket Duplex Slide Rules.
Hemmi 149A; Post 1451, 1461.  Not for all-plastic P149A or Relay/Ricoh.
Complete Cursor.   Pic 1485-1/2 $40 New
Cursor Window Only.   Pic 1485-1/2 G $16 New
Cursor Screw.   Pic 1485-1/2 CScrew
 $2 New
Chrome Cursor Frame.   Pic 1485-1/2 Frame $7 New
Removable Cursor Spring.   Pic 1485-1/2 Spring $4 New

Plastic Cursor Bar, no spring.  Top and bottom bars are interchangeable.  Only top bar  needs removable spring sold above.  Pic
1485-1/2 Bar $7 New
Body/Stator Screw. 1485-1/2 BScrew $7 New

1-5/8-inch-wide Bamboo Duplex Slide Rules.
Includes Hemmi 150, 152, 153, 159, 250, 251;    Post 1450 Versatrig, 1459, 1462H Postrig and all other Hemmi-made 1-5/8-inch-wide bamboo duplex rules.  Not for plastic rules or Relay/Ricoh.
Cursor Window Only.   Pic 1475G $16 Used
Chrome Cursor Frame. 1475F $7 Used
Complete Cursor.    Pic 1475 $40 Used
Cursor Screw for old style cursors.  5 mm long.   Pic 1110 $2 Used
For parts that fit both 1-5/8" and 1-3/4" duplex rules see last category below.
1-3/4-inch-wide Duplex Slide Rules.
Includes Hemmi 154 (20-inch), 200 (16-inch), 255-269;   Post 1460 Versalog, 1491 Chem-Rule; Teledyne 44CA-600 Versalog and all other Hemmi-made 1-3/4-inch-wide bamboo duplex rules.  Not for plastic rules or Relay/Ricoh.
Cursor Window Only.  Single hairline.   Pic 1485G $16 Used
Complete Cursor.   Pic 1485 $40 Used
Chrome Cursor Frame.   Pic 1485F $7 Used
Cursor Screw for new style cursors.   Pic 1310 $2 Used
Clip-on magnifier.   Pic
Not available

For parts that fit both 1-5/8" and 1-3/4" duplex rules see below.
All Hemmi-made 10-inch and longer bamboo duplex slide rules.  (Both 1-5/8" and 1-3/4" wide.)  Not for plastic rules or Relay/Ricoh.
Cursor screw for new style cursors. (1-5/8" rules after 1955 and all 1-3/4" wide rules.)  Pic 1310 $2 Used
Top Cursor Bar with fast or loose spring.   Pic 1480BT $7 Used
Cursor Spring (Removable) only.   Pic 1480S $4 New
Bottom Cursor Bar.    Pic 1480BB $3 Used
Body/Stator Screw.   Pic 1480E $7 Used
Hemmi plastic duplex rules 46mm wide x 5mm thick.  Complete Cursor.   Pic
$40 Used

Hemmi plastic duplex rules 46mm wide x 4mm thick. Complete Cursor.
$40 Used

Spring Note: Some closed body cursors from the 1940s have the spring mounted on a removable plate which is held inside the cursor frame by the cursor window glass.  Windows for those cursors are about 1/32" shorter than cursors where the spring is attached directly to the chromed cursor frame; new glasses must be shortened by sanding with ordinary sandpaper to fit.

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