Parts for Hemmi and Post Slide Rules


Terminology Item
1-3/4-inch-wide duplex slide rule Includes, but not limited to, Hemmi: 154 (20-inch), 200 (16-inch), 255-269;    Post: 1460 Versalog, 1491 Chem-Rule; Teledyne 44CA-600 Versalog.  All 1-3/4" duplex rules use the "new style" cursor.
1-5/8-inch-wide duplex slide rule Includes, but not limited to, Hemmi 150, 152, 153, 159, 250, 251;    Post: 1450 Versatrig, 1459, 1462H Postrig.
1-3/16-inch duplex slide rule 1-3/16 inches wide.  Not used after about 1935.  Parts not usually available but can use K&E 4088-3 cursor.
Pocket duplex slide rule Hemmi 149 & 149A;    Post 1451 Pocket Versatrig, 1461 Pocket Versalog
Old style duplex cursor Frame is flat and cursor screws have washers.  Used on 1-5/8" duplex rules until about 1955.  Early (1930s) screw directly into plastic cursor bar; later (after WW II) has brass inserts in cursor bar. 
New style duplex cursor Chrome frame is recessed at ends.  Used on all 1-3/4" Hemmi/Post duplex rules and on 1-5/8" duplex rules after 1955.

Parts for Hemmi and Post Slide Rules

Here's a list of just about every possible repair part for Post and Hemmi bamboo slide rules from the 1950s and later.  (For parts for other bamboo slide rules see the Relay/Ricoh Parts Page.)  USED PARTS HAVE BEEN CLEANED AND RECONDITIONED.  The parts we can supply have a price listed.   Quantities are limited (sometimes only one).  If what you need is not available check back later; maybe we'll find one somewhere.  Email us if you need something not on this list or if you're not sure what you need.
Fits  Item Part No. Price
Four-inch Closed Body with 17mm-wide face.:  Hemmi 30, 32, 35;   Post 1440, 1441, 1447M.  (For R/R 403 and other R/R 17mm-wide rules see R/R Parts Page.) Flat Cursor Window Only.   Pic 1472G $6 New
Complete Cursor, Flat.   Pic 1472 $25 New
Complete Cursor, Magnifying
Not available

Closed body rules with 15/16" (23.8mm)-wide face:  Hemmi 48, 34-series (before 1938). Complete Cursor (Flat). Pic 1473 $25 New
Closed Body Rules with 26mm-wide face: Hemmi 34-series (after 1938) including 34pi, 34RK etc, 54, 66-69, 74, 86, 87 92-95, 135, 136, 305, 2634; Post 1443, 1444, 1444K, 1453, 44DA-440.  Not for early "extra thin" rules. Complete Cursor (Flat).   Pic 1470A $25 Used
Cursor Window Only. 1470AG Not available
Cursor window only for "extra thin" rules from 1930s.  Newly made.Pic 1470AGT $10 Reproduction
Closed Body Rules with 28mm-wide face: Hemmi P33S, P45S, P37, 40, 40RK (to 1974), 45, P45, 47 etc, 50, 51, 2640; Post 1445, 1446, 1447, 1449, 1452 (narrow), 1455. Cursor Window Only.   See Spring Note below.   Pic 1471G $15

Complete Cursor (Flat).   Pic 1471 $25 Used
Clip-On Magnifier   Pic
Not available

Closed Body Rules with 34mm-wide face and single hairline: Hemmi 50W, 50-20 (to 1951), 80, 80/1, 300, 2662, 2664, 2664S, Post 1452 (wide), 1452W, 1456.  Cursor Window Only.   Single hairline. 1471WG Not available
Complete Cursor [Flat]     Pic
$35 Used

Closed Body Rules with 34mm-wide face and three hairlines:  Hemmi 64, 64T, 65, 80, 80/3, 81, 110, 301, 2690.  Post 1490. Cursor Window Only.  Three hairlines.   Pic 1471W3G Not available
Complete Cursor.  Three Hairlines.   Pic 1471W3 $45 Used
34mm-wide rules with calculating scale on bottom edge.  Hemmi 80K, 90, 90A, 91, 96, 130 (not 130W). Complete 3-line cursor with tab for bottom scales.  (1471W3 cursor fits these rules but has no tab for bottom scales.)  Pic 1471WT $70 Used
Five-inch Bamboo Pocket Duplex Slide Rules.
Hemmi 149A; Post 1451, 1461.  Not for all-plastic P149A or Relay/Ricoh.
Complete Cursor.   Pic 1485-1/2 $40 New
Cursor Window Only.   Pic 1485-1/2 G $16 New
Cursor Screw.   Pic 1485-1/2 CScrew
 $2 New
Chrome Cursor Frame.   Pic 1485-1/2 Frame $7 New
Removable Cursor Spring.   Pic 1485-1/2 Spring $4 New

Plastic Cursor Bar, no spring.  Top and bottom bars are interchangeable.  Only top bar  needs removable spring sold above.  Pic
1485-1/2 Bar $7 New
Body/Stator Screw. 1485-1/2 BScrew $7 New

1-5/8-inch-wide Bamboo Duplex Slide Rules.
Includes Hemmi 150, 152, 153, 159, 250, 251;    Post 1450 Versatrig, 1459, 1462H Postrig and all other Hemmi-made 1-5/8-inch-wide bamboo duplex rules.  Not for plastic rules or Relay/Ricoh.
Cursor Window Only.   Pic 1475G $16 Used
Chrome Cursor Frame. 1475F $7 Used
Complete Cursor.  See Color Note.   Pic 1475 $40 Used
Cursor Screw for old style cursors.  5 mm long.   Pic 1110 $2 Used
For parts that fit both 1-5/8" and 1-3/4" duplex rules see last category below.
1-3/4-inch-wide Duplex Slide Rules.
Includes Hemmi 154 (20-inch), 200 (16-inch), 255-269;   Post 1460 Versalog, 1491 Chem-Rule; Teledyne 44CA-600 Versalog and all other Hemmi-made 1-3/4-inch-wide bamboo duplex rules.  Not for plastic rules or Relay/Ricoh.
Cursor Window Only.  Single hairline.   Pic 1485G $16 Used
Complete Cursor. See Color Note.  Pic 1485 $40 Used
Chrome Cursor Frame.   Pic 1485F $7 Used
Cursor Screw for new style cursors.   Pic 1310 $2 Used
Clip-on magnifier.   Pic
Not available

For parts that fit both 1-5/8" and 1-3/4" duplex rules see below.
All Hemmi-made 10-inch and longer bamboo duplex slide rules.  (Both 1-5/8" and 1-3/4" wide.)  Not for plastic rules or Relay/Ricoh.
Cursor screw for new style cursors. (1-5/8" rules after 1955 and all 1-3/4" wide rules.)  Pic 1310 $2 Used
Top Cursor Bar with fast or loose spring.  See Color Note. Pic 1480BT $7 Used
Cursor Spring (Removable) only.   Pic 1480S $4 New
Bottom Cursor Bar.  See Color Note.   Pic 1480BB $3 Used
Body/Stator Screw.   Pic 1480E $7 Used
Hemmi plastic duplex rules 46mm wide x 5mm thick.  Complete Cursor. Pic
Not available

Hemmi plastic duplex rules 46mm wide x 4mm thick. Complete Cursor.

Not available

Color Note:  The color of new Hemmi plastic cursor bars varied from white to cream to caramel.  The color variation is not an effect of aging; in the very last year or two of production the plastic cursor bars were noticeably darker than the white celluloid surface of the rules.  We may not be able to match the color of plastic parts.
Spring Note: Some closed body cursors from the 1940s have the spring mounted on a removable plate which is held inside the cursor frame by the cursor window glass.  Windows for those cursors are about 1/32" shorter than cursors where the spring is attached directly to the chromed cursor frame; new glasses must be shortened by sanding with ordinary sandpaper to fit.

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