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"New" and "New Old Stock" slide rules were purchased from retail stores or distributors.  They have been unsold on store shelves for 35-40 years and the boxes show shelf wear.  Boxes have been opened and the rule may have been examined by prospective buyers but it has never been in daily use.  The edges are sharp and the markings are crisp. All the original documents and accessories are included. 

Slide rules in original plastic bags have not been cleaned or aligned.  Some collectors, including myself, like having rules that have been sealed since they left the factory.  However, 35-40 years of storage have effect even on slide rules in sealed plastic bags:  The metal end brackets have dulled; the stators are usually out of alignment and some grit has deposited the celluloid surface.  The rules can be returned to 1970 condition with some metal polish on the end brackets and a wipe-down with Windex.
Hemmi 32 Four-Inch
Vest Pocket  Mannheim Slide Rule

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Four-inch closed-body bamboo slide rule with  magnifying cursor.   Scales are A [B, CI, C] D and [S, L, T] plus a 10-cm measuring scale on the top edge.    Complete, brand new package includes slide rule, brown leather sheath, 40-page factory instruction book, and shelf box.

Rule, case and box are brand new, factory perfect; instruction book has remnant of retail label on front cover, otherwise perfect.

Brand New

Slide Rule,
Leather Case,
Factory Instructions.



Hemmi Cardiothoracic Slide Rule

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Special purpose slide rule made by Hemm about 2000.  Transparent top scale (0-32 cm) is for taking measurement directly from  x-rays or other medical images.  Bottom consists of a simple all-plastic slide rule for calculating various ratios.  Overall size: 4.25 x 31 inches.  Labels are in Japanese.

Brand new in black vinly sheath with factory original instructions.  (Single page in Japanese.)  

Includes slide rule & sheath


Blundell-Harling NL 11-95 Commemorative Circular Slide Rule
3.75 inches diameter.  Scales on outer disk:  L, D.  Inner disk: C, CI, A.  Did not come with a case.

On front: “First International Meeting of Slide Rule Collectors, Utrecht, The Netherlands, November 10, 1995.”  On back: “Only 100 of these slide rules were made for the Dutch Circle of Slide Rule Collectors, NL 11-95.”  I cannot find any indication that Blundell-Harling ever manufactured this model, or anything closely similar, at any other time.

Brand new. Still sealed in factory plastic.
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Brand New

Rule only


K & E "Doric" 4150-1 Pocket Slide Rule
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Basic all-plastic pocket slide rule serial number 2168. Scales are DF [CF, CI, C] D, L.  (Back of rule and back of slide are blank.)  With leather sheath, shelf box, and 12-page instruction manual.

All items are in mint, unused condition.
New Old Stock

Includes rule, leather sheath, instructions, shelf box.


1902 Fuller's Calculating Slide Rule, Model 1

Serial number 1599, manufactured by W. F. Stanley, Great Turnstile, Holborn, London in 1902.  Retailed by Philip Harris & Co Ltd., Birmingham.  Price in 1902: 60 shillings (£378 in 2021).

Made of wood (Bakelite wasn't invented 'til 1907).  Rule is identical in size to other Fuller rules but the mahogany case is shorter than those for later rules and the rule handle extends through the left end of the case.  Unlike later, bakelite, rules, there is no provision for mounting this rule on the box for "hands free" operation; these early rules are designed to be held with one hand while being operated with the other.   

Very fine condition.  There is minor foxing (which can be seen in some of the pictures here) and a small chip is missing from the handle.  No other defects.  This is phenomenal condition for a Fuller slide rule which is more 100 years old.  (Many Fullers from the 1940s and 50s are unreadable due to severe foxing.)

Includes original 16-page instruction manual titled "A Calculating Slide Rule Equivalent to a Straight Slide Rule 83 Feet 4 Inches Long, or, a Circular Rule 13 Feet 3 Inches in Diameter."  Manual is dated 1897.  The manual is easily readable but its front cover is detached, the pages are brittle and the back cover has several blue ink stains.

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Handle extends beyond mahogany case.

1-1/4 x 3/8-inch chip missing from handle.
The stain at the edge of this scale is the largest foxing stain on the rule.  
Random close-up.
Back and front covers of instructions.    
1902 Fuller Calculating Slide Rule


Includes cylindrical slide rule, original mahogany case, original instruction manual. 



Prioity Mail shipping within 48 states:  $28.
  1920 Thacher's Calculating Instrument

Keuffel & Esser model 4012, "Thacher's Calculating Instrument," serial #4350.  (Manufactured in 1920.)  With mahogany case, complete documentation of provenance and recent reprint of 76-page 1917 instruction book.  

This instrument is in exceptional  condition.  No stains, no foxing, no graffiti.  Inner cylinder is almost like new; no yellowing from exposure to light.  Paper scales on brass rods are quite readable although they have turned a uniform medium brown.  (Photographs of scales below show them a little whiter than they actually are.  Scales have not been re-papered.)   Fitted mahogany box is as solid as the day it was made--only a few old scars on exterior and like new inside.

Scales are 18 inches long; the box is 24 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches.

Original purchaser used the instrument in his accounting practice for some years in the 1920s; it has been in storage, away from light and air since then..  
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Thacher's Calculating Instrument,
Serial # 4350.

Includes cylindrical slide rule, original mahogany case, recent reprint of instructions, complete provenance.




“Midget” Circular Slide Rule

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Single fixed disk with two cursors on front and one on the back.  Eleven scales on the front (including drill and thread specifications and a scale for adding /subtracting common fractions).  Ten trigonometric scales on back.   Outer scales, which are the ones used for multiplication and division correspond to a linear slide rule about 12 inches long.  Body of rule is an enameled aluminum disk.
 42-page Instruction Manual.

Rule is a little dirty and chrome-plated central pivot is slightly rusty.  Torn cover of instruction booklet has been taped; interior pages are undamaged but brittle with age .  Case is missing.

  This is one of three circular slide rule models manufactured by the Gilson Slide Rule Co. of Stuart, Florida.  Gilson slide rules were distributed by every significant slide rule manufacturer /distributor in the United States but the Gilson name appears nowhere on the rules or in the instructions.  (The distributor’s name was usually printed on the cover of the instructions.)   Gilson was a small family business which moved from Michigan to Florida in the 1920s and set up on an undeveloped parcel of land accessible only by boat.  We have corresponded with Clair Gilson’s daughter who remembers sewing slide rule cases on the family sewing machine.


Includes slide rule, instructions.



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