Send Email to Paul Ross
at The Slide Rule Trading Co.

Use the following email address with the "Z" removed:
and be sure to mention "slide rule" or "slide rules" in the subject line.
(Email that doesn't mention "slide rule" gets discarded as spam and is never opened.)

Repeat:  The email address for Paul Ross at The Slide Rule Trading Company is  WITHOUT THE "Z."

Alternatively, you may click here to open your email program with a pre-addressed email ready to send to SRTCo, but you must edit the address on that message to REMOVE THE Z before you send the message.

Why all this trouble?

There are programs (called "robots," "bots," "spiders," or "webcrawlers") which roam the Internet automatically picking email addresses from web pages.  Those addresses are then sold to spammers.  If you are wondering how all those spammers got your email address, they may have gotten it from your personal web page or some other web page where it is posted.  One way to avoid spam is to post one's email address in a way that robot programs can't figure out.

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